Sunday, July 24, 2005

Com grano salis

When did realism turn to cynicism, offence to defence and simplicity to complexity? The answer: Somewhere along the line of recent evolution. People have discovered, or think they have, this is the only way to survive, the only real hope they have to be left standing as the weaker somebodies fall. The predicament (if they realize it) they then find themselves in is having crawled so far into their own worlds, they are left untouched by the existance of others. They judge themselves by monetary value and allow others to do the same. Success in life amounts to the size of their retirement fund.
At some point, too great a percentage of people became so afraid to look up from their book on the train, they make eye-contact with no-one on the way home. With a mind set on fear and mistrust, accepting kindness on its own terms will continue to be a most rare occurance.
Every favour is accepted with great reluctance, if at all. If it is, it is with the conclusion the other has something to gain or , worse still, expects something in return. Unexpected smiles are searched for maliciousness. Praise taken with reservation. Compliments covered with suspicion.
Granted, the world embodies too many people with two faces and since most are adept at hiding this surplus, knowing whom to accept at face value can be a rather tough skill to master. The alternative, however, is to join the ranks of this new breed of 'com grano salis' subscribers, who never judge anything by its cover and are always searching the pages for an imagined (in the large majority of cases) truth. Their time is spent with the labourous task of fortifying their preconvictions about others, thereby blinding themselves to the honest stimuli in life.


Justin Thyme said...

Amen, sister!

Keshi said...

Gosh u write so well! Truly analytical post abt what times have done to our judgmental capabilities...people r basically driven by money now...values n morals r fake for them n dun turn them on...although I believe there r few like u out there who still believe in humanity...


Jaisn Hart said...

Justin stole my line!! That's what I was gonna say!! I'll say it anyway...AMEN, SISTER!!!

julia said...

i can sum up all wat u rote as

as Jesus said
and added AS I LOVE U

if u start wid LOVE
all else will follow