Sunday, July 31, 2005

Waking up to CNN

Last night,
As I was wondering what show to watch on the telly
Children went to bed hungry without food in their bellies
As I sat there snug, pondering tomorrow's attire
Somehow, somewhere someone perished in a fire
As I sat sipping cocoa curled up in my chair
Innocent children lived with abuse hard to bear
As I painted the toenails of my pedicured feet
Gunshots rang out, people lay dead in the street
As I wondered whether to cut my long hair
Spouses were beaten to the point of utter despair
As I rigourously cleaned and flossed my teeth
A family lost a loved one and were consumed with grief
As I motioned perfect circles with age-defying cream
A life of peace became just a far-fetched dream
As I slipped on my favourite silk nightdress
Prostitutes were out there scouting for business
As I kissed my daughter, said sweet dreams, goodnight
Gangs of youths met up in a deathly fight
As I pulled back the sheets and blissfully slid in
The rapist luring found his unsuspecting victim
As I sighed and happily closed my eyes
Tears fell and no-one heard the lonely cries
As I laid me gently down to sleep
Disaster occured, victims reaped


Keshi said...

Goshhh ur too good Autumn! This is a terrific post...absolutely thought-provoking n genuinely heart-breaking!!

U got a great mind...greater and deepr than the ocean...stay gold foreva.


Trée said...

Very well written and as keshi said, very thought provoking. Thanks for posting and thanks for sharing.

just another fish in the sea said...

you have put my thoughts into words...a beautifully written harsh reality

Justin Thyme said...

Just one word...

saby said...

lotta guys have been recommending your page for soothing the storm
and i finally got here

dat was in caps

Hermes said...

Very nice.

The contrast between the day-to-day motions of your "routine" and the morbid events occurring throughout the world is quite powerful indeed.

--pearl-- said...

urghhh my comment jus disapprd!!!

anyways...isnt it wierd to see the contrast?..d way all of us r sooo connected yet soo detached?

gr8 post!

Trée said...

More than two years later, still the cat's meow. :-)

Autumn Storm said...

What is wonderful about this post is that I would not have known you otherwise.

Trée said...

Sunshine, I'm amazed to think this is true. I remember surfing blogs when I came across this post and it is this post that led me to bookmark your site and return. You don't write this post and I don't know you today. You don't write this post, and more than likely there is no two-year-old story that has almost 400 original pieces of art. Amazing to muse on the power of a single communication.

Autumn Storm said...

Has to be fate. :-) Nice thought anyhow, whereas the other is downright peculiar this side of things.

Justin Thyme said...

Tree, I think it's a good thing to remind our gal of the power she has in her communications. She doesn't give herself enough credit for the impact even a single message from her can have on a person's life! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am where I am today because of a single random e-mail from her.

My dear Autumn, I've said it before but there are no words adequate to express the depth of my gratitude and love for you! :-)

Autumn Storm said...

I fell for you both the moment I saw your respective blogs. It was the stuff the fairy tales, love at first sight, the beauty of your souls shining bright. A truth felt first, and defining itself as well as able since. This is what you have in common. :-)

J, I was just talking to Trée yesterday about that first visit to your blog, about how random seems the stumbling through blogland chancing upon a post that spoke as the one before or after may not have done. Perhaps it is wishful thinking that wants me to believe it happened that way for we were not meant to pass each other by, either way I think of that day, fated or coincidence, as blessed. To contemplate after the fact never to have met you leaves me with a big empty space where you simply need to be, I would have never heard your thoughts, seen your strength, the way that you wrap your arms around all those who come near, seen such understanding. I would not have known sushi ;-), ghato, thankfulness for the glass, the crossroads,..., I would not have known your Epiphany, of Ross, or Dr Seuss' feet and Miranda,..., I would have been untouched by your poetry, unchallenged by the tune-ups, uninspired by you (your life, your journey, you philosophical posts, your happiness posts,...), unknown to me I would never have seen the exceptionally special qualities within you, feel so incredibly lucky to have seen all of that, and mostly I would be without the great well of love that I feel for you that spreads warmth and gladness throughout my soul. That warmth and gladness steeped in the knowledge and answering the (mostly) unspoken question of above, you are who you are, I just wouldn't have known of you, felt the ripples so closely. Thank you for being you, and in the immortal words of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia, :-D, thank you for being a friend.