Monday, August 08, 2005

Memories of Maria-Louisa

Kids have great entertainment value. Lest I forget, noted are now the following;
After a bout of tantrum crying
Granddaddy: Can you sing that song?
Maria (age 3): (Silence - knowing full well what he is refering to)
Granddad: What was that song you were singing before?
Maria: World of the West
Granddad: (Flabbergasted at her answer)...........Can you sing it again?
Maria: I forgot the words

Little friend, Owen (aged 3): You love me, don't you?
Maria (aged 4): Yes, of course. You're my little cutie pie.

Maria (aged 3): I love you, Mummy
Me: I love you too, baby
Maria: I like you, Mummy
Me: I like you too, baby

Granddad tried to mock-kick her bottom,
Maria (age 4) turned and laughingly shouted "Missed me, Loser!"
Maria (age 3) angry at being told "No!"
"I want to go and buy a new mummy at Asda's"
(Asda - supermarket chain)
Maria (aged 2): That woman has ugly hair!
Maria (aged 5): When I grow up, I want to be a girl-wrestler
and have lots of tatoos.
Maria (aged 2): I'm not daughter, I'm Maria o'ny!
Maria (aged 3) to me: You silly woman, you are!
Maria (age 5): I'm not big yet, like mummy, granny, auntie and uncle,
I'm small like Granddaddy.
Maria (aged 2): That man's smelly, mum
(in her defence, he was, very).
Maria (age 4): I want a daddy
Me: We have to find one first...(and a little more explaining about
these things not being that simple)
Maria: We can go and look for one in Finchley Road.
Maria (aged 5), when whispering in my ear would put her other hand over my other ear,
so the secret wouldn't seep out the other side for anyone to hear.
Maria (aged 5) when having experienced an aroma, I had not,
put her nose against my nose, so I too would be able to smell it.
Maria's first book of poetry was given to her, when she was just 4 years old.
It is a collection of west-Indian writers born in the UK
sounding out their experience to a caribbean beat
in the very distinctive, wonderfully lyrical dialect of their parents.
We went to a reading directed at children during Black History Month
by one of the authors featured, Cuban Red.
At the end, she asked the children, if they had one wish, what it would be.
The other children were older, between 7 and 12.
Maria made a great impression on Cuban Red that day.
The other children said what most would
"I wish for all the sweets in the world"
"I wish for a pony"
"I wish for a blue bicycle with 10 gears"
Maria said:
"I wish there was no more fighting in the world"


Jim said...

u dont know just how insensitive woomen are !

i was a virgin when i entered the nuptial bed

i was like all worked up
finally entering the holy of holies
needless to say that i didnt last long

my wife still mocks me on this when she is mad at me

thats is learly not done lady
that is like hitting below the belt

Scipio said...

"Maria (aged 5), when whispering in my ear would put her other hand over my other ear, so the secret wouldn't seep out the other side for anyone to hear."

That one is my favorite.

Jim said...

here is another case ...

Maria (age 4) turned and laughingly shouted "Missed me, Loser!"

and yet another case of senseless adam teasing ...
'Jim - you have to imagine me making circular motions with my arms and bopping out my bottom'

i had gr8 expectations of seeing red cheeks ...
ass cheeks

Autumn Storm said...

Jim, I fear you are a wild one, and will be leaving lots of interesting comments.
People will always use the weapon closest to hand and likely to do the most damage. If what you say is true, not that I am doubting you just her seriousness, then you need to talk to your wife about this matter. Unless she doesn't like you (sincerely hope that is not the case), then I'm sure she would not want to cause you any real hurt, but is simply using what is easiest in the heat of the moment to appease her anger. Laugh out loud every time, I think of the "Loser" thing.

Scipio, thanks. Was unsure whether anyone else would find these interesting/worth reading/funny, and with your blog so different from mine, it is nice, when you choose to comment on one of my installments.

Justin said...

I wanted to thank you for your comment left in regard to "Scars." It helps, more than you know, that there are others out there other than close friends who are willing to take the time to read the certain pieces I write that truly matter.

I enjoy how you change your style up so much - I read your past six posts, one a poem, one that appears to be a self-assessment, one a joke, one filled with quotes... It keeps it entertaining!

Justin Thyme said...

Autumn - I could not stop laughing after reading several of those - my favorite being the one about finding a daddy on Finchley Road! That was just too precious!

SassyKitten said...

She's adorable! A daddy on Finchley is my fav!

Keshi said...

gosh u had me spell-bound there Autumn! Wut cuttte whispers from Maria sweetheart!

@I want to go and buy a new mummy at Asda's
@We can go and look for one in Finchley Road

LOLLLZ sooooo cute!