Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Justin's challenge: The Cast

Glenn Close as 'Mum'. I've seen Glenn in a vast variety of different roles and a few of them reminded me much of my mother, though they are chalk and cheese appearance-wise. Difficult to cast, but I think, Glenn is up to it.

My father would be played by Nick Nolte.
Keywords: integrity, generous, demanding, funny, volatile, intelligent, tireless, artistic, gruff but extremely sensitive, argumentative, gracious, likable.

I would cast Dean Cain as my younger brother mostly due to the fact they are very similar appearance-wise. (ref. to Superman) Two good but very different sides to his personality.

James Dean as my older brother, Rebel without a cause.

Tiffany cast Cameron Diaz as me, Justin cast Charlize Theron as me.
Kate Winslet is just Kate;
"Come on, guys, it's only me!"

Tiffany's shoes could perhaps be filled by Winona Ryder. They both bring to mind the (flattering in my book) term 'Pixie'. They are both petite/larger than life, sweet, innocent/naughty, energetic, bouncy, very sensitive and very strong.

Trée: I could see Michael Landon bringing a little 'Charles Ingalls' to this role, but not without the incorporation of some of Dennis Quaid's zest and twinkle.

Sandra Bullock is a woman who seems to know how to have a good time. She's soft, but knows how to take care of herself. She is a carer.
I think, she'd do an excellent job in the role of Keshi.

Both having been fans of Neighbours at some point, I'm sure, you will remember Natalie Imbruglia's role of Beth, Sass. Endearingly cute in everyway.

I don't know much about Angelina Jolie (have never seen a movie with her in it), but my impression of her is she is a man-magnet with dreams of finding Mr. happily-ever-after. If not for that, her long dark hair reminds me of Linny.

SweetbabyK to be played by Drew Barrymore. Essentially good and precious, and underneath there's a whole heap of zest.

This is a small production with a budget in accordance,
besides time is money,
and so the final role goes to...
Kenneth Branagh

as Justin.

I've seen Kenneth in several theatre productions and he was amazing.
Besides that he is an exceptionally friendly guy
and cute too ;-)


Justin Thyme said...

:-) Love it! Kate Winslet as you... you know, I can see it!

Autumn Storm said...


Will try to finish it tonight (really busy day today).

evercurious said...

In the movie can I hook up with your older brother? just kidding. Kate Winslet is good. I like her a lot. Much talent. Very beautiful.

Autumn Storm said...

Hey, no problem, afterall I pkan to hook up with Justin's 'dad' ;-)

Justin Thyme said...

Just realized that Dean Cain is perfect casting for another person in my "movie" - hope you don't mind me borrowing the photo from here for it!!! :-)

Justin Thyme said...

MY DAD?!?!? Would that make you my wicked stepmother, and me Cinderfella?? :-)

curious servant said...

This is a very fun train of thought.

Trée said...

A, I see you as a young Juliette Binoche, esp as the character she played in Chocolat. Decadent and Chocolat just kinda go together, don't you think? ;-)

SassyKitten said...

ive always seen u as drew barrymore :) kate is a great choice too. i think your younger brother and dean cain do look terribly alike! :)

Keshi said...

wow some nice pics there...I think u r defintely Charlize Theron...Justin was spot on abt that :)

I think I like ur younger brother ;-)

awww and I luvvv Nick Nolte...he's an awesome guy!


Autumn Storm said...

This casting thing is terribly difficult (no imagination), I still need to do my mother and just as the others have, there are a few of you here in the blogsphere that I intend to include.
If I ever finish this post, it will be a miracle :-)

Chocolate IS pure decadence, Trée, but that's a different kind of story (take a whole lot of beers for me to share those, lol) ;-).
I haven't seen that movie, will most certainly now my curiosity is piqued. You are hard to cast, thought of a few, but no...

I like Drew, she as an endearing sweetness about her, Sass. (Suppose it would be really unimaginative, if I used her for you - urgh!)

Keshi, there has been so much talk of Selma, I may have to follow the crowd.
:-) So, that's me and Justin's dad, me and Tiffany's step-dad (if I remember correctly - John Corbett in any case), you with my one brother and Tiffany with the other. Sounds like a real movie-set already.

Autumn Storm said...

All done! Except I still need to do the other challenge! Help! No more, J please, at least not for now :-)

Agnes Mitchell said...

What a fantastic and thought provoking post!!
I may have to play this game myself.

Justin Thyme said...

Wow = thanks Autumn! I am tremendously flattered!!!
What a great cast you've assembled!

So... do you see this little "social experiment" as a success or not? It's amazing how much thought this spawned within everyone as they thought long and hard about the people in their lives and what we each think of them in order to cast just the right person. I've seen this spinning off on quite a number of other blogs as they take up the challenge themselves... :-)

Trée said...

A, like Justin, I'm very flattered. I love your two choices to play me. "Little Joe" had such a big heart in real life and such an endearing positive attitude I would be honored to have him. I saw a special about this crew sometime ago, and the things he did to help the people around him just doesn't happen in Hollywood. He was a rare light in the dark.

Now, Dennis, well, what can I say. Anyone who dated Meg and sang with Bonnie is okay with me--lol. Dennis always seems to enjoy life and I like that quality very much.

A cross between Micheal and Dennis, now that would be interesting. A, this is an incredible posting, and I appreciate how much time and effort it took. Thanks so much. You brought a Dennis like smile to my face this morning and that is a great way to start the day. Hugs and kisses.

Oh, and we'll have those "whole lot of beers" later. ;-)

Autumn Storm said...

Thanks, Agnes.

I'm glad you are happy with KB - I adore him, which is the main reason I chose him, along with intelligence, artistic talent, all-round-good-guy, looks, can be very serious and extremely funny, etc. I did keep thinking of Rupert Everett's character in 'My best friend's wedding' - but I had a feeling you would hate having him (could be wrong).

Trée, I'm so glad you saw what I meant!!
Thank you, x

Justin Thyme said...

LOL... Rupert Everett. It would have been definitely fitting, in that not only all of those characteristics, but he "bats" for my "team", too!!! :-D

Trée said...

A, I forget to ask, "Are you buying the beers or am I?" ;-)

Autumn Storm said...

Justin, I gather, RE is quite 'hated' though. But he is suave (sometimes) and a good-looking bloke, and I've forgiven him for raping Princess Daisy (hated him ferociously when I watched this mini-series as a small child) since he made the request for the absolutely beautiful 'The way you look tonight' :-) If KB declines the role, we'll get RE.

Trée, I'm buying, but be warned, 'beer' could get you into compromising situations ;-)

Trée said...

Still smiling here. Not many postings keep me smiling all day long. This may be one for the Decadent Hall of Fame. ;-)

ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Autumn Storm said...

The Decadent Hall of Fame - I like the sound of that :-)

Lindsey said...

I love it!!! So sweet and thoughtful...Angelina IS a hottie...if only I had her lips...

And you are great as Kate Winslet, she's beautiful but easy going and so 'real.'

SweetK said...

Autumn: You're such a sweetheart! I never thought of myself as Drew Barrymore, but she could make a good me. :o) It's really funny that you picked Drew for me, b/c Aus (my honey) says that she's his celebrity girlfriend (or was, that is, until she married Tom Green!)

This is a GREAT post! I think Kate Winslet would make an excellent Autumn Storm.

Keshi said...

awww me Sandra - wow Im over the moon...:) I admire Bullock alot...she's got so much character and she's really funny..which is why I adore her.

**a woman who seems to know how to have a good time. She's soft, but knows how to take care of herself. She is a carer.

awww that coming from u is a HUGGGE boost to my ego :) Im honored...

last nite I was thinking that u also portray Julia Roberts...beautiful, elegant, sensitive yet powerful, a sea of emotions with strong messages, a loving and honest woman...thats u Autumn.


Autumn Storm said...

Linny and K, glad you like yours. These girls hardly do our gorgeous selves justice though, do they? :-).
Glad you like the choices.

Keshi, Bullock seemed perfect, glad you approve. Julia's good, but a mega-star - I wouldn't be able to afford her fee ;-). Thanks, Keshi, x

isay said...

just dropping by to say that i like´all the pictures and Kate Winslet-great choice!

I am a fan of Glenn Close, Nick Nolte, Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie.

SassyKitten said...

aww i loved her in neighbours! :)

Trée said...

I think your cast is perfect and complete. Warms my heart to reflect back on this post. You are a special one, no doubt. :-)

Autumn Storm said...

Essences that shine true and bright, I would pick the same two for you today.