Saturday, December 17, 2005

Secret smile

In the middle, underneath, behind all the closed doors,
Between asleep and awake, in silence,
Always in noise,
It comes to me. A secret knowlegde that only I know,
Taking me so very close to happy.
New faces surround, knowing nothing different,
Thinking this is who I am,
And it is. Not then as now,
Or perhaps will be,
So heartbreakingly close to happy.


Trée said...

Giving you just a little snoggling nudge in the right direction. Fruitcake in the mail. It was hard finding a box big enough. :-)

mergrl said...

So heartbreakingly close to happy

your way with words is so amazing, you bring emotion to the written page my friend.

so very close to happy... there is much I want to say but can't seem to find the words

thank you as always for sharing your heart with us (hugs)

shyblues123 said...

so heatbrakingly close to my own thoughts

Autumn Storm said...

Trée, how big a fruitcake did you make me?! ;)

Autumn Storm said...

Trace, sweets, deres dem thanks again.
So glad you had such a thoroughly wonderful evening - still wanna see that dvd though. :)

Autumn Storm said...

Hi Sara.
MIA for a while, hope you have been keeping well.

mergrl said...

Good morning my friend, sleep well?

Autumn Storm said...

Yes, thanks :)
Managing to wind down after what sounds like an absolutely glorious eveing??

mergrl said...

I am just getting ready to head off, finally managed to wind down a bit.

It really was wonderful :0) I just enjoy it so much (can you tell LOL)

great post by the way (just had to tell you again)

work this morning? or gonna take a little down time.

Autumn Storm said...

I can tell, but its so nice to hear you so excited and happy, so keep telling! :)
Work once my brain wakes up fully.
Thanks, sweetie.
Have a good night, happy dreaming, x

mergrl said...

try not to work too hard, and I will see you in a few :0)


Autumn Storm said...


Px said...

songs you've now got me onto secret smile by semisonic

Autumn Storm said...

Ah, yes, I thought of that song myself as soon as I wrote the title. Wonderful song! Hope alls well with you, Pete?!

jason evans said...

In the middle, underneath, behind all the closed doors,
Between asleep and awake, in silence

A nice description, Autumn Storm.

Keshi said...

Secret smiles mean a true felt from the bottom of the heart...glad u have many of those smiles Autumn :)


Autumn Storm said...

Thank you, Jason!

& Keshi :)