Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just another day in the life of...

I've been planning on writing this post, since the numbers were explained.
I knew with absolute certainty day 365 would be reached and that it would pass in the same way it came, like the 364 before it, to join the ones ahead.
'Just' another day, 'just' another milestone, except 'just' has extraordinary connotations, when it comes to Justin.
Of course, as is 'just' typical, he somewhat ruined my good intentions :-). There was I waiting for an occasion to write this post, waiting to tell him and let everyone know what an infinitely special person he is, how he enriches everything he touches, and he pre-empted me by writing the sweetest, kindest words, words that I still cannot even absorb, they just float around my heart, beautifully touching.
Words that inspired the drop to his ocean that was Friday's post.

I believe, we make our own happy, and J is part of how I make mine. I'm blessed to have him in my life, and I use him shamelessly. I take all that he gives knowing I'll never be able to repay more than a fraction, and there is the heart of it, for it feels okay and that has been his greatest gift to me, the greatest lesson I've learned from him: love. To receive it and to express it, without fear.


There are a great many blogs, I could recommend, blogs that produce one fabulous post after another, an absolute joy to read and to follow. More than the posts in themselves though and the often fleeting impression they leave, I wish there was some way to let everyone know about the amazing people that exist behind the writing, to let everyone be so lucky as to see what I see on a daily basis.
I've seen so many truly beautiful souls.
Of the many, there are a few that I have fallen completely and eternally in love with.
And of those, Justin has touched my heart the most.

Today is a special day, an anniversary, another milestone.
An amazing year.
A journey within the journey.
A journey of recovery, of self-examination, of coming to terms with the past and of turning towards a bright future.
I've had the great privilege and good fortune of following him through much of that time and I just wanted to highlight, today of all days, what an exceptional person he is.
For one year, J has been striving with a tireless determination towards his goal of "becoming a better person".

But the thing is, he was always that better person.

I saw it so clearly the very first time I visited his blog, saw his essence, saw his loving heart and his beautiful soul.
I've seen it again and again, and again ever since.
He didn't become a better person over the course of this year, so much as he learned to recognize what was within.
He found inner peace and happiness, and in doing so, had more to give.

"Found", however, implies it was easy.
That he somehow stumbled upon it.

There are a great many things, far too many to list, that I admire in J.
One example is his strength.

Another is his determination,
a third his honesty,
fourth his resolve to face any and all fears,
fifth his willingness to take responsibility,
sixth his limitless capacity for love and his great, big open heart,
a seventh his ability to forgive/make peace,
all of which, and more, were tried, tested and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt during the course of the last 365 days.
And documented in the most awe-inspiring and heartwarming of blogs.

A blog, where it is impossible to visit and not gain from having done so.

I'm constantly amazed by what he writes and who he is, to the point where I have become accustomed to it.
That's 'just' J,
showing what can be achieved, how much farther one can travel, how much richer life can be, how much more positive energy one can send out into the world and into the lives of others by letting go of recrimination and regret and living life with wide open arms.
I'm richer, because of him.
He is the best kind of friend.

Forever doing his absolute best to be what he is.
A better person.

And as if that wasn't enough to make him thoroughly lovable...

Not only is he a MAJOR hottie

but he makes me giggle too

Love ya lots, my sweet ghato.

Congratulations on 365, xo


Trée said...

Wow Sunshine. I have to believe that is one of the greatest tribute postings I've read. Wonderfully done. Each paragraph feels pregnant with the love in your heart, ready to burst forth in the prose of the next paragraph.

J, congrats on the year--what an incredible accomplishment. A toast, of snoot of course, to the past year and the year to come.

Autumn Storm said...

Thanks sweetie, means I got across what I wanted to.

Joining you in that toast :-)

mergrl said...

what a wonderful post about a wonderful man, well done my friend!

congrats J, you are amazing

Lindsey said...

Awwwww...that was the sweetest tribute ever! That's it, you're in charge of doing this on everyone's birthdays now as well! :o)

Autumn Storm said...


SweetK said...

We should all be that lucky, to have you say such nice things about us, A.

Or, perhaps, we should all strive to be so good, as Justin must be, to deserve for you to say such wonderful things.

Bravo to you both. :)

Autumn Storm said...

I imagine the version, where I have better words :-).

Keshi said...

Goshhh dun I know Justin! He's extraordinary...he's out of this world!
Congratts mate!

And its so sweet of u Autumn to do this...


Justin Thyme said...

Now it's my turn to be completely overwhelmed and tearful (in a good way)! Right now, I am at a complete loss for words, so until I get my bearings and composure back and can offer a better response, let me just say how completely humbled I am. You've given me perhaps one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, and I love you with all of my heart!

Autumn Storm said...

Plenty response!!!
See me smile --> :-D

javajazz said...

funny, a loss of words
pretty much says it all...
it feels special for me
to see this divine connection
you two kindred spirits share.
it is a blessing for you both and
an honour to witness...
hey Justin,
mazel tov,
as my people say!
you should be very proud
of your incredible accomplishments...!
xo lisa

Autumn Storm said...

:-) Morning, Lisa, x

tsduff said...

Autumn, you are a true friend. Those lucky enough to have been touched by you in one way or another are blessed.

Congrats to Justin - the first year milestone is the biggest achievement, one to be proud of.

javajazz said...

here here, Terry!!
wise words, indeed.
mornin' Autumn...!
you're the best...!
(deal with it!)

Autumn Storm said...

Terry, such a nice thing to say!!!
(sorry, terribly unoriginal of me, I know, but..) that's precisely how I see you!

Lisa, here's one for you - it took me 10 mins to think of the above response :-D Here's another, I got confused and meant my tomorrow, your day after tomorrow, i.e. tomorrow :-D

javajazz said...

your tomorrow
or my tomorrow?
(i'm confused!)
isnt my "now"
your "tomorrow?"
or at least
your later....
(does that make your "now"
my yesterday???)
i guess "now" is relative
heck, even some of my relatives
are relative...
am i living
in the past?

Autumn Storm said...

Your tomorrow and my tomorrow, well, for the next 2.5 hours, then it will be your tomorrow and my today.
Your "now" is not my "tomorrow"
Your "now" is my "yesterday" and my "now" is your "tomorrow",
which is why for example it takes 15 minutes to fly to London and 135 minutes to fly back.

Autumn Storm said...


Autumn Storm said...

(sweetest words)

SaffronSaris said...

Happy anniversary!!

mergrl said...


hope you are having a good day :0)