Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hey all! & Happy Birthday Meg!

Blogging twice in the space of 24 hours...feels just like home. :-)

Quick post again:

So, what's been going on...Not very much, i.e the usual. Hospital visits and 'normal stuff' like grocery shopping, though to be fair, when I finally get home, I should have a few things to write about that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Yippee.
My father's room is on the ninth floor which is a real blessing in this heat (temps are still in the mid to late 30s). Really, it's the place to be, we get a lovely breeze up there. Also it's somewhat up a hill (near Harrow-on-the-Hill) thus there are tremendous views, best I've seen other than the Millennium Wheel, which one incidently can also spy from the hospital.
One of his first requests was for his miniature telescope (he's a gadget man:).
Must remember to take a photo of the view.

Wednesday the 2nd, he (we) transfers to a specialist hospital and the operation is scheduled for the 4th. It is as confirmed as it can be, something else may come up, but certainly the various things that have so far, like for example the blockage in his neck have been ruled safe enough.
Really, these days a triple bypass is a common operation, one that has been performed thousands of times and although he has age and a few other medical conditions against him, the type of people requiring this surgery often have. I'm not a worrier in these kinds of situations, which is a plus definitely, not least when others do worry.
Admittedly, I'm a little freaked out by facts like: too strong a cough apparently could reopen his wound post-surgery. Not too happy receiving that type of information, but presuming this is very, very rare, so again, nothing to worry overtly about. The advice in any case is that he should hold a pillow against his chest and press hard, whenever he laughs, coughs, sneezes and so on. Do we always know when a sneeze is coming is the avenue thoughts start going down. Just a scary thought, no matter how rare it is, that one could possibly open a wound by coughing too hard.
He's not enjoying being in hospital very much, but dealing with it very much better than any of us thought he would have. The one thing that has upset him this week has been that he needs to start having Insulin injections to better control his diabetes (has been taking pills only for the last 15 years) and one of his greatest fears is needles - so he was not a happy chappy when he was given this news - but again, dealing with it very much better than one might have expected. I guess, what it is, is that he knows, he really has no choice, i.e. that he needs the injections and he needs the operation and as such, there is no point fussing or getting upset/angry/whatever about the whole thing.

Ooh, just for something else (well, just to do the 'proud mama' routine once more), I thought the following said a lot for M. She has a very good friend from Lem (where we lived before Copenhagen) that she loves and misses dearly. We had arranged (months ago) that this friend would come for a weeks holiday to our place from July 31st. When I realized, we would have to stay past this date, I truly expected if not a 'broken heart' certainly a big reaction, but no.
"Of course we have to stay for Granddaddy's operation," she said or words to that effect. I just about cried knowing how very much she had looked forward to this event and how easily she gave it up, absolutely no hesitation.

Q. What's going on in London?
A. Big Brother fever.
Even I've had to watch a couple of episodes of this programme, just to see what all the fuss is about. It's plain madness, but more than what goes on is the actual house is how BIG a part of life here it is.
This is the number one topic of conversation anywhere a person goes.
Madness! Fun though :-)

Last but by no means least,

Have a very happy birthday!
May this year bring you your heart's greatest desire.
Birthday hugs, x

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Postcard #3

Still can't believe we went on that thing! :-)

Hey from London town!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer!

Lots going on this week and I am missing the blogeshere and chatting to you guys more than ever! These cafes close at 11pm, which is especially frustrating on nights when I feel like saying "HI" at 1am (as per normal) :-) - that's the one thing that London needs (outskirts anyway):
24-hour internet cafes!

& when I do get a chance to come in, I soon start to feel like a headless chicken :-), rushing through email and updating family regarding my father and then onto blogs, trying to get through as many as possible...I don't usually get very far
...so when I do finally get home, I will need at least a week just to catch up (actually I'll probably need a week just for J, who would have written circa 300 posts by then :).

Looking forward to going home, just for the sake of being back home - nothing quite like home, as they say :-). Looks like it will be a little while yet though. At present, the plan is that I'll be staying just past the first week of August, but that may still change (i.e. be extended a little)...in any case, I definitely won't be leaving this week as was the original plan.

(Remind me to tell you all about the Fox'es, when I get back.)

And just to finish off this 'wonderfully exciting post' - scorching weather we are having here (39 degrees celcius), absolutely loving it!

Happy Thursday all, xo

Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Linny!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Kyra, sweetie, wishing you all the very best for the year ahead. Hope you have an absolutely fabulous time today, much love to you, xoxo


Dear all,

have a little time today, so am hoping to make it around some of your blogs. Cannot even explain how much I miss talking to you guys each day, truly, its getting rather desperate!

Not sure when I will be going home, perhaps in a week or two to return again at some point not so long thereafter. I'll likely be travelling back and forth quite a bit over the next couple of months, but nothing is decided yet, so I'll leave that for now.

A little too optimistic last post, the house isn't done just yet, but it is a big job. Has been good fun, though little bro is rather sick of James Blunt, which conveniently is the only CD that isn't packed down in boxes. :-)

M's been having fun (Lisa, Terry, thanks for asking) - she loves going to the hospital as she can lie on "Granddaddy's" bed and listen to the radio and the canteen has "nice ice cream".
Also, she and I have attended some school events this week in place of my mother (for my sister), e.g. the annual sports day, which she has very much enjoyed. :-)

My father is up for one more test to determine if he is fit enough for surgery and if he gets the all-clear on that, then he will be having a triple bypass as soon as they can fit him in.

In short, things are busy etc and I'll likely not be in any more regularly than I am at the moment (poop!), but I will try to check in as often as possible - for my own sanity! :-)

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A very quick hello aka most boring post ever :-)

Hey all,

Haven't time to write a proper post, (wish I did, am having major withdrawals) so this is just a 'hello-I'm-still-alive' post.
I haven't even been to the hospital since Saturday morning, but it cannot be helped. My parents have a new house that they need to move into very much sooner than anticipated and so my brother and I have been plastering, papering, painting, laying carpets and so forth at top speed for the past couple of days to get it ready as soon as possible. Hopefully, by Friday we would have turned it from a shambles to a palace ;-) in just 7 days. Well, minus the garden.

Will catch up more soon, more to tell, very, very much more to read.
Happy Tuesday, xo

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!

Sweet Lisa, missing you tons - hope you have a day full of celebration - I'll be celebrating!
Much love to you, hugs too, xxx

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A'right me mateys

Hey all, George, Terry and Me saying hello from Covent Garden, London, England - woohoo!

Been melting in the heatwave all day, through our flight on the London Eye (thank goodness, didn't fall off + didn't need extra pair of pants!) and our cruise along the Thames.
Dr Watson was charming, also went past the National Art Gallery and much, much more.
Presently on route for Fish 'n' chips and lots of pints (lovely jubbly).
Thinking of you all (esp. Tracey up there in Alaska, bbrrrrr!).

Wish you were here,
love Terry, George and Autumn

PS To all the American's, hope you have a very happy 4th of July with all the hotdogs, potato salad, watermelon and fried chicken you can eat, plus fireworks! There aren't any here, but we did snap a picture of a statue of George Washington.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

JB Review

Apologies (T) for the delay, spent the whole day at the hospital. Had uploaded the video beforehand, enjoy!
Here's the very quick, very short version.

The hot sun softened by a lovely breeze, it was a perfect summer's day in the quaint Oxfordshire market town of Woodstock. There to see the one and only James Blunt (can I get a woohooo!) perform live, one could not have wished for a more beautiful backdrop than the slendour of Blenheim Palace and its lavishly green gardens. The 10 minute walk from the car to our seats took us past Vanburgh's Grand Bridge and the lake over which it crosses. Beautiful! - a perfect start to a perfect evening.

About 7 meters from the stage, we welcomed first a young artist named Big Runga, whom, had she not been so nervous, would have put on an excellent show, I'm sure. Her potential was in evidence, many of her songs lyrically rather nice, kind of old style, quite bluesey in places and vocally slightly reminiscent of Oliviah Newton John. Clean, passionate.

But never mind all that! ;-)

Finally!!! it was time for the main act!

The main man! :-)

In short: Oh My Effin Gosh!

Most lasting impression: It was very much more like a rock concert than I would ever have imagined a JB gig would be. It was extremely energetic from the get-go with James jumping off the speakers while strumming the guitar, and even leaping off the stage to go stand on the railing (between the stage and the crowd) to get everyone even more excited - Didn't think that would be possible :-), but it worked.
"We give you seats", he shouted, "but you aren't expected to use them!"
Say no more, James...everyone jumped up and for the next 90 minutes (save a few songs) it was party time at Blenheim.
Pros and cons to that, it was an absolutely fan*tastic concert all round, I loved it as did everyone else, how could we not! For me, the best performances on the night were clearly 'High', 'Where is my mind?', 'I can't hear the music' and 'No Bravery'. What these have in common is that they were the few that one was really able to listen to in a pure pleasure sense without the party aspect of it. But as said, all round: Fan*tastic!!!

High was just a spectacularly wonderful couple of minutes. Sitting there in such glorious surroundings, I looked up at one point and there was a bird soaring above the stage, and (giggle if you will:) the sight just finished me off turning me to complete mush. I guess, it was just everything combined, being where I was and on such a beautiful day. The sky, the breeze, the gardens, James and 'High' - that was heaven on Earth. :-)

Another one worth giving a special mention was 'No Bravery'. Throughout, video images that JB shot during his time in Kosovo, were played on the stage screen as he sat beneath it playing the piano. The energy at this concert was just astounding! and it carried over to the more quiet songs. The rendition of this song was a sight to behold to say the very least. It seemed to reach a pitch, I have not seen him display anywhere before. As he sang, he would glance sidewards up at the screen and one could just see exactly why and how this song was born. Almost painful to watch him share their pain. It was a truly amazing performance!!

In between the singing, he just had us in absolute stitches! T, one of these days, I shall email you in more detail about it all. :-)
He sang a total of 15 songs ending the show with 'You're beautiful'
and yes! - it was over much, much, much too soon!