Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy, happy birthday!!!!!!!

My sweet GHATO (aka Justin, link in sidebar),
wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
(a little early, in case I don't get another chance to come in before Wednesday).
Hope you have a special day, full of celebration!
And a joyous year ahead!
Love you, xo

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey and thanks

Thanks all for the comments below, will reply next time I'm in! Also, only going to have a quick glance round, won't have time to leave comments, sorry :-( Like I'm missing a limb being away from the blogeshere.

Quick update for those who would ask if I didn't, my father finally woke up properly (able to focus his eyes etc) on Friday and by Saturday, he was able to understand properly what we were saying to him. Lots of downs over the weekend healthwise, but things are looking up now and though he is still in Intensive Care (and likely will be over the weekend), he is progressing steadily.
Be back asap -
Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All is well

Thank you all for the very sweet messages below, very much appreciated! If I don't get a chance to reply today, I will next time I am in.
Just coming from the hospital, so if it all sounds a little stilted, that's why.
The operation went really well. The doctors were concerned about various complications especially in light of the third procedure mentioned below and how far it would stress an already weak heart, but they are very pleased with his progress.
My mother went in first for 5 hours - without babysitters we had to take the girls with us and therefore had to take turns. He was still asleep when she came out and as such had been asleep for almost 27 hours when he started coming around, which he did not long after I went in (felt very bad for my mother that she missed that moment). I stayed for about half an hour during which time he woke up enough to start tearing up. The nurses then needed some time with him and so I went back out and mum went back in, but she, poor thing - again felt really bad for her, came back out feeling faint and upset and so she stayed with the girls while I went back inside. About an hour later she returned and after a little while he fell asleep and we left.
It wasn't easy, though it was much easier than I would have imagined, if that makes sense. He wasn't in pain, which is of course the main thing, but he was very disorientated and kept tearing up. I feel certain that he just had no idea where he was, he couldn't move much and couldn't speak (due to the tube in his mouth - forget the name of it) and as said was generally disorientated and still not fully off the various drugs etc, so I imagine the tears were more from fright and worry at these things than anything else.
He has various tubes all over the place, which would be the thing to frighten anyone visiting, but knowing that each serves a purpose and will be removed over the next couple of days made that much easier too.
I guess, the tears more than anything hit me (us) - but again, though it pains me (and mum) to the core (we are the only ones to see him yet), as I said to her, it is one day. By tomorrow, by normal standards, he will be awake and aware and will not remember today and the anguish he so obviously was feeling.
Looking forward to tomorrow and marked improvement, but all in all, he is as said doing very well at this stage.
Thanks again, x

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today is the day

Or at least we hope so! Unless an emergency case comes in sometime in the next half hour, the operation will go ahead today. As well as a triple bypass, they will be replasing a valve and also shutting down the damaged part of his heart permanently. I'm no expert, but that sounds to me like he will just about be brand new. :-)

Happy Tuesday all!

Monday, August 14, 2006

JB Clippings

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Out of touch

One day soon, I'm going to do my best to get some more time online. For now, a quick update as per usual.
We are now travelling to Harefield each day, which means a longer journey and even less free time (i.e. opportunity to visit the Internet Cafe). Not being in touch is doing my head in, especially with all that is going on, but it cannot be helped.
As of tonight, the operation was postponed - could be the 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th. We will be told the night before.
Happy Friday and weekend all!