Sunday, June 24, 2007

Best wishes

Three birthdays,
that's how many Keshi has had in the time I have been reading her blog,
which says something both about the content and about the person that she is.
Most of us have been here long enough to know
that encounters here can be as fleeting as they are in the real world
and most of us have been in the real world long enough to know
that rare it is not to have a person morph, somewhat, a whole lot,
the better we get to know them.
Viva Forever, if you haven't visited yet is an absolute must.
It is a splendid potpourri of personal recollection,
humour and social-conscience to name but a few,
written by a woman, as curious as she is intelligent,
who has an opinion on eveything
and who moreover is always open not only to having these challenged as well as
confirmed but whom thrives on furthering her own outlook by way of visiting
the vantage point of all who engage her.

Happy Birthday to a very special blogger.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Half a million points reached!


Team Bravo Stats:
Member Name ~ Points Generated ~ Results Returned

ariadneK~~~~~~~~~86,656~~~~~~~~~~~ 232
digitaldoom~~~~~~~ 74,411~~~~~~~~~~~ 332
AutumnStorm~~~~~ 51,565~~~~ ~~~~~~ 235
ThunderBob~~~~~~ 40,956~~~~~~~~~~~300
karen6977 ~~~~~~~~37,857~~~~~~~~~~~ 115
SaintlyNate~~~~~~~ 36,316~~~~~~~~~~ ~ 136
Sherry G~~~~~~~~~~ 23,971~~~~~~~~~~~~72
TotalChaos~~~~~~~~21,152~~~~~~ ~~~~~ 169
courtney42~~~~~~~~ 8,352~~~~~~~~~~~~14
consise10 ~~~~~~~~~~2,024~~~~~~~~~~~ ~5
ebezp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~1,065~~~~~~~~~~~~~4
Bavani Naidu~~~~~~~~ 202~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1

Team Total ~~~~~ 553,193 ~~~~~~~2,719
You're amazing, each of you, thank you for your dedication and contribution!!!

The last weeks saw two new members join Bravo,
ebezp aka Simon and rsurrattjr.

In Trée's words;
All are welcome to join us in fighting these horrific diseases. Takes five minutes to download a small device and join Bravo. Two steps. Five minutes. That's it. No more time. No money. No adds. No pop ups. No emails. Just a small screensaver like device that runs in the background. Absolutely, completely secure. Help us help scientists gather the data they need to find drugs and cures for everything from cancer to AIDS to MD. You choose the projects you want to work on. Pick one or pick them all. I've got over 21 years of cpu donation time. I can promise you, whatever concerns you might have about joining, about downloading something onto your computer--I promise--they don't exist. Many who join are computer geeks, the kind of people that wax and polish their computers. If there was even the slightest chance that this device could harm their computer or hurt its performance or compromise data, several million people, with the endorsement of major universities and best selling computer magazines would not endorse nor would they start and recruit teams of their own--yet, they have done both. This project is spearheaded by IBM. If there was a chance that they could get a black eye, do you think they would do it? :-)

In short. Give us five minutes today. Two steps. Five minutes. If you have questions ask. Five minutes to help science. Five minutes to help ourselves. Five minutes to make the world a better place for our children.

Joining really does make a difference.
The following is an extract from the fightAIDS@Home results update.

FightAIDS@Home has given us the ability to classify both protease mutants and potential chemical inhibitors so that the docking calculations that we do in the future will be more targeted and efficient. We will, for instance, be able to use a small set of mutant protease structures to represent a much larger set of HIV mutants in our docking analysis. This will allow us to screen much larger chemical libraries more efficiently, or enable us to use more sophisticated models of the mutant structures, that incorporate flexibility into their representation.
While this is principally a technical break-through, it means that we can get more reliable and meaningful results in the computations that we will now be pursuing. This should speed us to our goal of finding new HIV therapeutics that are effective in the face of drug resistance. These results would not have been possible without the computing resources of the World Community Grid, and the generous support of the FightAIDS@Home volunteers.

Visit the World Community Grid Homepage to download the agent and register, and then join Team Bravo here

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hey you

Dearest Poppet

Love and best wishes to you on your birthday
May the year ahead bestow
An abundance of reasons to make you smile
Wishing you every happiness

Gabcast! Happy Birthday Poppet #1

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Highs


Team Bravo Stats:
Member Name ~ Points Generated ~ Results Returned

tgeorge1~~~~~~~~~~ 88,868~~~~~~~~~~ 314
ariadneK~~~~~~~~~ 53,922~~~~~~~~~~ 131
digitaldoom~~~~~~~ 37,712~~~~~~~~~~ 140
AutumnStorm~~~~~ 33,021~~~~~~~~~~~ 79
SaintlyNate~~~~~~~ 25,009~~~~~~~~~~~ 76
karen6977 ~~~~~~~~23,367~~~~~~~~~~~ 55
ThunderBob~~~~~~ 21,799~~~~~~~~~~~ 110
Sherry G~~~~~~~~~ 15,276~~~~~~~~~~~~ 43
JamieB~~~~~~~~~~~ 13,418~~~~~~~~~~~ 55
TotalChaos~~~~~~~~ 11,809~~~~~~~~~~~ 45
courtney42~~~~~~~~ 6,028~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7
Bavani Naidu~~~~~~~~ 202~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1

Team Total ~~~~~~~~ 330,431 ~~~~~~~~~~ 1,056


June 1st saw yet another record set as the total results returned in a single day hit the all-time high of 77!
Other milestones this week included;

Kiley, our highest climber, reaching a whooping 50,000 points!
Trée, still at the top of the charts, as he raced past the 300 results returned post!
DJB, Sherry, Bob and Nate accumulating 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 25,000 points respectively!
And with Karen purposefully striving towards the 25,000 mark up ahead, Daniel just 10 results short of 150, Bavani having returned her first result, not to mention everyone else's FAN*TASTIC contributions, there can be no mistake, Bravo, to put it simply, Bravo Rocks!

To be a part of this team of amazing crunchers, requires just four easy steps and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. To begin, register, download and install and then hit the Join This Team button here.

For further introductory information, visit the World Community Grid homepage.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Would You Ever???

~d's current post took me to, where I found the following;

This is the Would You Ever ??? game and this is how you play. The person before you has asked Would You Ever ??? You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a Would You Ever ??? question. The next person answers their question, and asks another, etc…

Being the live-for-today, super-exciting, always-up-for-it personality that I am, I thought this could be a great way to get my Friday night kicks. ;-)

So, here goes...