Friday, August 31, 2007

Join us

The World Community Grid is a non-profit organisation that provides the safe, free software so that 321,450 people and counting across the world are able to donate their unused computer time to scientific research on a range of projects that potentially could benefit all of us.
Joining takes just minutes, costs nothing, does not interfere with your own use of your device and requires no other action.
Join Team Bravo today.

is a part of the World Community Grid.
(read on for further details on how to join the grid and our amazing team)

Recent Team Bravo milestones:

Team Bravo has exceeded 1.5 million points!

Team Bravo had it's highest ever scores yesterday with over 22,000 points in one day!

Team Bravo's average daily results is over 50!

Team Bravo currently has (just) 21 active members!
(which makes those stats spectacular)

Congratultions all!

Recent Member milestones:

Daniel aka digitaldoom reached 200,000 points yesterday!

Our captain, Trée aka tgeorge1 will hit 400,000 points today/tomorrow!

Karen and ThunderBob are very close to reaching 100,000 points!

New members (justawriter aka Tina, womble 1 aka Stuey, ebzepsentme aka Jules, cheekyfaces) that joined through our competition winner, Simon aka ebezp have between them returned 12 results!

The one to watch is Justin, who has been racing up the scoreboard and who in just 37 days of crunching time has scored over 65,000 points!

Woohoo & congratulations, again!

That was just a few milestones among many. As can be seen below.

Thanks to all the members for their steady and dedicated crunching!
Together, Team Bravo is going from strength to strength.

Team Bravo Stats:

Member Name ~ Points Generated ~ Results Returned

tgeorge1 mnmnmnmn 398,256 mnmnmn 2,102
ariadneK mnmnmnmn 242,106 mnmnnmn 648
digitaldoom mnmnmn 200,001 mnmnnmn 883
karen6977 mnmnmmn 97,833 mnmnmmn 321
ThunderBob mnnmnmn 96,539 mnmnnmn 680
SaintlyNate mnm nmnn 89,588 mnmnnmn 349
AutumnStorm m mnmn 89,280 mnmnnmn 434
justin-thyme mnmnmn 65,215 mnmnmm n 175
Sherry G mnmnmnnnnn 58,319 mnmnnmn 142
TotalChaos mnmnmmn 47,828 mnmnmmn 323
JamieB mnmnmmmnn 42,833 mnmnnnmn 167
courtney42 mnmnmmn 27,333 mnmmnmn 77
consise10 mnmmmnmn 12,796 mnmnn mn 30
ebezp mnmnmmmm mn 11,874 mnmmnmn 30
tilde1d mnmnmmm mmn 8,639 mnmmn mn 19
SweetJaine mnmmmmmn 6,721 mnmnn mn 19
concise10 mnmnmmmmn 3,726 mnnmn mn 8
womble 1 mnmnmmmmn 2,684 mnmmn mn 6
ebzepsentme mnmm nmn 1,450 mnmnm mn 4
Bavani Naidu mnmn mnmn 845 mnmmn m n 4
justawriter mnm nmmmmn 378 mnmmnm n 1
cheekyfaces mnmmmmnmn 354 mnmmnm n 1

Team Total mnmn 1,504,598 mnmn 6,423

A*mazing scores!

Currently the grid is working on
Completed research includes
All worthy causes and so very simple to be a part of.

To read more and/or register and download, go to

Once done, take this link to
Join the amazing Team Bravo.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

To J (clink)

There are some people that we meet in life
Where from the very first moment
One is filled with such gratitude
At what seems like a chance blessing
Justin is one of those people
Where, pointless though it is, I cannot help but wonder
what I did to get this lucky
To have this wonderful man in my life
Someone I know I can rely on, trust, who I know will be there
through thick and thin
Who will forgive me if I make a mistake
Who will always try his best to understand
Yet seems to without even trying
Someone I loved the moment I heard him speak (blog)
Who I have learned from and been inspired by
Have such a deep admiration for and
Wonder anew each day at just how golden his heart is
How that glow embraces both strangers and friends alike
The 'luck' was in meeting
The rest was inevitable
Loving and lovable
To know him is to know this


Happy Birthday, dear Ghato, x

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Six pack of refreshment

(Delayed due to a trip abroad etc, but here is the official..)
Thank you to Simon for the very, very kind words and award!

Much appreciated. :-)

The best part about getting one of these is that I get to pass one on to five bloggers that I find inspirational. And thanks to two of them teaming up not so long ago, I get to include 6 of my favourites.
(although I could very easily have allocated another batch. Or two!)






Trée has created a very special corner in the blogesphere that consists of mainly two blogs. Trebuchet is an awesome gallery of images that he has personally created, there are sketches and paintings amongst but the vast majority are fractal art. Decadent Tranquility his main blog is an ongoing sci-fi story that has currently been running for over 1.5 years. Each chapter is a work in itself, comprising an image and prose, but I highly recommend going back and reading from the beginning. I know when you have, you will come back here and thank me. Two amazing blogs that I cannot imagine not having had the opportunity of being able to follow, but more than that, Trée is quite simply one of the warmest, kindest people one could ever hope to meet. The matters he writes about, the beauty with which he writes about them, the welcoming manner in which he receives those who visit his blogs, the genuine/supportive/humorous comments that he leaves in other people's boxes. Trée inspires me to be better, to think farther, to do more.

Justin's blog, a new beginning, is a personal journal first and foremost, but his blog personifies the meaning of inspiration. He is a man who was once losing himself in a well of darkness and who through sheer determination and a belief that it was possible turned everything around. Everything he writes has a message of hope, of encouragement, of positivity. One cannot help but feel (even) better after visiting. J has become one of the friends I treasure most. Warm heart, wide arms, a deep well of understanding, to have J as a friend is to be wholly blessed.

Evenstar and Mau recently entwined their lives and simultaneously combined their talents for writing and photography. The Dreaming Track spent it's first few weeks of life in Australia and this pair of adventurous souls are now traveling across Asia. Their experiences told through words and the most astounding images so rich and vibrant, the tropics, the excitement, the sounds, the sights emanate off the pages. Two beautiful people inside and out and once again I thank goodness that I stumbled upon them here amongst the millions.

Oliviah has an ethereal beauty which shines through in every word she writes, whether it be in her posts or comments, and every image she creates. Her fractals are awe-inspiring, melodies in the form of colours and shapes, her sweet nature and eternal goodness equally so.

Tiffany embodies so many admirable qualities, her honesty being the most endearing thing about her. She is incredibly intelligent and has such a wonderful sense of curiosity about the world, one just knows that wherever she goes in life, wherever she stays, she will do so with all that she is and has. She has an aura about her, visible even through the printed word, a sense of destiny. She will touch with those qualities others just as she does the people she has met here, just as she has me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And the winner

of the Team Bravo competition and Team Bravo T-shirt is....

Woohoo!! Congratulations Simon aka ebezp.

You did amazingly well, for all of us. :-) T-shirt in the post as soon as I get that email!

Thanks to Simon's efforts we were able to welcome to Team Bravo

So pleased and excited to have each of you with us!

As always, anyone and everyone is welcome to join us at Team Bravo where we endeavour to return as many results as possible for the World Community Grid thus aiding them on a variety of projects that benefit humanity. Current projects include FightAids@home.

For details on what Team Bravo is and for further links including how to join, please go here.

And speaking of just how amazingly well Team Bravo is doing, here are the latest...

Team Bravo Stats:

Member Name ~ Points Generated ~ Results Returned

tgeorge1æøåæøåæøå 352,735 æøåæøåæøå1,969
ariadneK æøåæøåæø224,416æøåæøåæøæøå 600
digitaldoom æøåøåæ191,712 æøåæøå æøææå856
karen6977 æøåæøøæå90,802 æøåææøøåæø299
AutumnStormæøøæå 85,829æøåææøøåæø423
SaintlyNate æøåæøåæå81,762æøåæø åææøå 318
ThunderBob æøåæøåå80,158æøåæø åææøå 629
Sherry Gæøåæøåæøæå 54,313æøåæøåææøå 133
justin-thyme æøåæøåå46,410 æøåæøååæøå126
JamieB æøåæøåæøææå42,466 æøåæøåææøå165
TotalChaos æøåæøåæå39,604 æøåæøæåæøå303
courtney42æøåæøåæå 22,276 æøåæøæåæøå60
consise10 æøåæøåæøåå11,455æøåæøææååøå 28
ebezp æøåæøåæøæåæåå10,603 æøåæøåæøæå27
SweetJaineæøåæøåæøåå 6,721 æøåæøåæøø å19
tilde1d æøåæøåæøææåøå4,191æøåæøåææøåæ 9
Concise10 æøåæøåæøæå2,680æøåæøåæøææå 6
Bavani Naidu æøåæøåæøå845 æøåæøåæøæøå4
ebezpsentme æøåæøåæøå686æøåæøåæøæøå 2
justawriteræøåæøåæøæå 378 æøåæøåææøæøå1

Team Total æø 1,350,042 points å 5,977

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Up for grabs

Close your eyes and imagine if you will a perfect summer's day.

You have nothing to do and nowhere to be, and the thought fills you with the endless promise that the here and now has to offer. You decide to take a walk along the river. As you look out there upon it has a glistening sheen across it making it look like a bed of twinkling diamonds. High in the sky, the sun sits, alone in a vastness of untainted blue. The trees along the walkway are lush and green, flowers in every colour are in full bloom and you can hear bees buzzing contentedly around them. The air smells of happiness and you take deep, admiring breaths as you stroll along with a smile of satisfaction. You feel alive in every sense of the word, sure that everyone must be able to tell just how great you feel. Just then, someone walking in the other direction, stops in their tracks and utters an audible 'Wow!' and laughter bubbles from deep within at how spot-on your thoughts were. 'You look amazing!', he/she continues looking just like George Clooney or Charlize Theron depending on whom you would most like to see,
'wherever did you get that shirt?!'

Yep, :-D, it could happen, and here is how.

By winning one of these two Amazing Team Bravo T-shirts!

How do we do that?!
I hear you shout excitedly from across the world into the flickering screens of your molecule crunching machines!

By entering the first official Team Bravo competition, that's how!

The objective is simple. Team mates are invited to recruit as many new members as possible over a restricted period of time. The mate with the most recruits will win the coveted prize.

The regulations are as follows;
  • contestants must be verified Team Bravo members to enter. Members of the public wishing to enter the contest can do so at any time during however no special consideration will be taken for late starters. To become a team member, see sidebar for the link entitled 'What is Team Bravo?' New members can tally themselves as their first recruit.
  • the contest will run for two weeks starting at 12.00 UTC on the 4th of August 2007 and run until 12.00 UTC August 18th 2007. Winner(s) will be announced as soon as the results have been counted and verified by the Team Captain. (For individual timezones, go to
  • Contestants must recruit a minimum of two new mates to qualify.
  • Recruited mates must have returned at least one result by the closing date in order to be included in the final score.
If there are any queries, you are advised to leave them here and they will be addressed promptly.
All that remains to say is good luck.

See you at the finishing line, team mates!