Wednesday, October 24, 2007

As of yesterday, Team Bravo is now in the top 1000 teams within the three categories (Total Run Time, Points Generated & Results Returned). What this means, as all the figures do, is that Team Bravo is a group working consistently and increasingly towards being idle, :-), that we as a team have made a significant contribution. Thank you, you are AMAZING!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our team.
Team Bravo is a part of the World Community Grid, links to the WCG, where and how to join and how to be a part of Team Bravo are on my sidebar. --->
Go take a look-see, you shan't regret it. Joining takes just minutes, the good it might do is immeasurable.

As always the activity on the scoreboards knowing every result counts has been nothing short of riveting. :-D There have been some great milestones just passed or just up ahead.
Highlighting just a few of those before posting the stats,
tgeorge1 aka Trée will hit 700,000 points sometime in the next 24 hours!
ThunderBob has been sprinting in recent weeks and is just about to slide into second place!
Justin is fast approaching 200,000 points whilst being one of our newest members, way to go, J!
200 days of runtime coming up for Karen, who also reached and sped past 150,000 points a few days ago!
Nate and Sherry reached the grand totals of 500 and 200 results respectively!
Several names have been moving up the board after returning their first or first several/many results, members such as womble 1, djwilko1, Karen Mason and Josie W!
That was just a few, here are the rest!

Team Bravo Stats
Member NamePoints GeneratedResults Returned
Sherry G85,803205
womble 18,81421
Karen Mason5,26417
Bavani Naidu8454
TEAM TOTAL2,567,9689,312

Saturday, October 06, 2007

As simple as this rhyme :-)

There is a reason, a simple one
That keeps me harping on and on
Just like a Christmas morning kid
About the fabulous World Community Grid
Time, as always, is of the essence
And the relevance here makes rare sense
Between work and all those other things
We must see to before midnight rings
Often we wish we could, and think we should
Find more time to do distinguishable good
By this I mean the things that come in
After kindnesses offered to friend and kin
After the habitual things that we do each day
That help send us all on a merrier way
But just imagine if there were somehow
To increase that and to do it now
Without it requiring anything more
Than 5 minutes of the time that is yours
And just the once, one single time
Added to that, it won't cost a dime
There is
There's this
First step is to sign up at the WCG
Download software that is as safe as can be
To know more spend some time at the site
and you will see over 300,000 words unite
In a promise that it really is this easy, this secure
And that the intentions behind are perfectly pure
To assist scientists as they work toward
eradicating disease and problems that cannot be ignored
By contributing unused computing power
seconds in time turn to minutes turn to hours
When you are idle, the agent will be working
Thus in doing nothing, you will actually be helping
While cooking dinner or bathing the little ones
Attending a meeting or on an errand run
If the computer is on and connected to the net
You will be helping and you cannot regret
The chance to make the real difference
That joining the WCG presents
Step one is to register, download and install
Once done, there is an open invitation to y'all
(LOL, that has to be the simplest so far)
Join the dedicated team that we are
With members from Asia, Europe and the US
A young team that has made amazing progress
As can be seen below
to reiterate
Be a teammate
Register, download, install here
Join Team Bravo there

Team stats up ahead, but first the reason for posting a Bravo post today
aka ariadneK, who yesterday reached the grand total of
300,000 points and 800 results

for the grid and the team!

As always, the rate at which this essentially small team is crunching is tremendous. In just 5 months of real time, we have between us donated over 7 years of computing time. Thanks all!!!

There are over 17,000 teams and among them we are well on our way to being in the top 1000 of all three categories. The categories are Total Run Time, Points Generated and Results Returned. In the mentioning of these figures, there is the tangible proof that every minute counts and with every result, we will be that much closer to finding what we seek: cures, treatments, knowledge that could potentially help us all.

Team Bravo Stats:

Member Name ~ Points Generated ~ Results Returned

tgeorge1 ~~~~~~~~~ 594,954 ~~~~~~~ 2,677
ariadneK ~~~~ ~~ ~~ 300,132 ~~~~ ~~~~ 801
ThunderBob ~~~~~~ 245,844 ~~~~~~~~1,127
digitaldoom ~~~~~~~218,461 ~~~~~~~~ 938
justin-thyme ~~~~~~144,403 ~~~~~~~~ 367
AutumnStorm ~~~~~130,890 ~~~~~~~~ 529
karen6977 ~~~~~~~~130,684 ~~~~~~~~ 411
SaintlyNate ~~~~~~~114,219 ~~~~~ ~~~ 448
Sherry G ~~~~~~~~~~ 76,153 ~~~~~~~~ 185
TotalChaos ~~~~~~ ~~ 68,251 ~~~~~~~~ 368
courtney42 ~~~~~~~~46,005 ~~~~~~~~ 135
JamieB ~~~~~~~~~~~ 44,218 ~~~~~~~~~171
consise10 ~~~~~~~~~ 18,956 ~~~~~~~~~~46
tilde1d ~~~~~~~~~~~~18,146 ~~~~~~~~~ 43
ebezp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~16,934 ~~~~~~~~~ 41
ebzepsentme ~~~~~ ~~11,098 ~~~~~~~~~ 31
womble 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ 8,814 ~~~~~~~~~21
SweetJaine ~~~~~~~~~~6,721 ~~~~~~~~~ 19
concise10 ~~~~~~~~~ ~3,726 ~~~~~ ~~~~ 8
Bavani Naidu ~~~~~~ ~~~ 845 ~~~~ ~~~~~ 4
cheekyfaces ~~~~~~~ ~~~ 618 ~~~~ ~~~~~ 2
justawriter ~~~~~~~~ ~~~ 378 ~~~~ ~~~~~ 1

Team Total ~~ ~~ 2,200,450 ~~~~~ 8,373