Monday, November 26, 2007

Of all of the characters throughout history and literature, who would you most like to meet?

Painting by Trée

My answer to that question would have to be Papa.

Papa is a character created by Trée and part of the on-going story that he writes on his (main) blog: Decadent Tranquility. Filled to the brim with characters one cannot help but fall in love with, the beauty and wonder of the writing and accompanying artwork all created by Trée really does defy adequate description, though as of today readers have been attempting to do so for....
2 years

A beautiful mind, heart and soul
An infinitely special & unmissable corner of the blogging world
Thank you, Poppet, for the gift you share
on your anniversary
the achievement of this amazing, and thankfully yet unfinished,
body of work.

To commemorate the day,
I am pleased to finally be launching
the official
Story Fan Site


Trée said...




Autumn Storm said...

:-), H

EBEZP said...

I'm glad I was right Autumn.
That's one incredible achievment and thanks for that lovely post to remind everyone of trée's accomplishment.

Hope the party went well and the downside is returning to Monday and routine.
Hope M's weekend was tremendous too!

Trée said...

Thank you Simon. The word 'accomplishment' scares the bejezzus out of me, since it implies something done or finished. I'd say The Story is really just getting started. Join us for a toast my friend and be the first to make your reservations for next year, same place, same time as we celebrate three years of Kyra and Zeke and all the rest. :-)

Jules said...

Wow... congrats, T! And way to go Autumn, for pointing out this amazing anniversary!!

Jules said...

And wonderful painting too, meant to add in my last comment!

Trée said...

Thank you Jules. Sweetest is one of a kind. What she has done with the fan site just completely and absolutely blows me away. I cried last night watching August Rush and then I cried again today when she unveiled the site and I saw the love and time and effort she had poured into it. I can't think of anything to say to her that would do justice to the gift she has given me.

Thank you for the kind words on the painting. I've tried to either sketch or paint each of the characters in the story. Papa, of course, is a very special one and I wanted to somehow convey the mountain of a Hynerian he was without losing the warmness and love he personifies. :-)

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Jules, happy Monday. :-)

Simon, thank you, :-), ours is ending, yours is beginning, hope you have a wonderful couple of days off!

Poppet, "I'd say The Story is really just getting started." is like music to my ears, :-), and I agree completely. We have so much more to learn about the crew, so many more branches to get to the end of and since you introduce a couple for every one that you tie up, well, as once proposed, this could be the never-ending story, and if it were, that would be good news for readers present and future. Sweet dreams and have a wonderful day tomorrow.
I'll be raising a toast to you at 5.23CST. :-)

EBEZP said...

Have a great day Autumn.

Loving Annie said...

Good Monday morning to you, Autumn Storm !

Wonderful fan site that you created for Decadent Tranquility !

The painting looks quite like Paul Newman !

I would most like to meet Anne Boleyn, King Hnery VIII's second wife if it were to be real person.

If it were to be a fictional one, then, Melanie from Gone With The Wind.

EBEZP said...

Wonderful fan site over there btw well done. Awesome work.
Hope your Monday has been really good and the evening is equally good.

Autumn Storm said...

Thanks Simon but it is still under construction. :-D Hope you've had a wonderful day off and that you have an equally wonderful evening.

Annie, those are great choices and given a recent posting, I had suspected you might favour one of the Gone with the Wind characters although I would never have guessed Melanie. Nice choice in Anne Boyleyn too, that would be interesting to say the very least. :-) Happy Monday to you!

EBEZP said...

Guess I should answer the question as well at some time and I think a one size fits all person like William Shakespeare would fit the bill for both. I'd love to tell him what I thought of his writings and suggest some suitable rewrites!!
Hope your day was good Autumn. Have a good evening! Are you still avoiding Celebrity? Or have you succombed?

EBEZP said...

Oh by the way pop over here for an award.

Autumn Storm said...

Wow, thank you for that, buddy, incredibly sweet of you! :-)

Re-writes? :-D Would love to hear some of those suggestions.
Thanks, having a good evening, quiet which suits me down to the ground as I'm have a chest infection and cold, not looking my best I can tell you. LOL Haven't watched IACGMOOH since those first couple of days, caught the odd glimpse here and there as M loves it, in any case it is impossible not to know what is going on, since every time I pass a news stand there it all is. Ant and Dec are good though, I would have watched it just for them. :-) Hope you have a great evening yourself, whatever you get up to, just don't forget to get to bed by a decent hour as it is back to work tomorrow. Thanks again for the award, Simon, special.

jillie said...

I can't think of a BETTER person to get that award Autumn!


Autumn Storm said...

Well, you done gone and done it now, turned me to marshmallow with a single comment. I can. ;-)

EBEZP said...

Sorry you're not feeling too good Autumn (for a marshmallow)have as good a day as you can, take care.

EBEZP said...

Hey isn't that IACGMOOH really good?! I'm loving it, this is the first one I've watched all the way through but don't worry, it's not as bad as it seems, I am unable to watch any other one so this is like the final to me!
........honest!! Ant and Dec are great though, it's no wonder M loves it!
Hope you are ok Autumn, a little look at mine may cheer you!!
Jules has done some popcorn for you at ours too!!
Take care buddy!!

Autumn Storm said...

Can't be many episodes left of the show. I caught Biggins and the rat the other day and wished I hadn't, I near ran out of my house and the rat in question was not only on the television but in Australia, now that is a serious phobia LOL

Thanks Simon, I've peaked and am heading up the road of recovery now. :-D Hope you've had a brilliant Wednesday! Headed over to see those posts in two ticks. Have all the gigs finished or are you still at it?

Keshi said...


I'd love to meet Emily Bronte..cos I love her one n only Wuthering Heights. That book connects me to something that I dun know yet seem to know very well!


Autumn Storm said...

Wuthering Heights is an absolute classic, love it. Being such a big music fan, have you ever heard this from Kate Bush, classic in her own right.

EBEZP said...

Yeah the gigs are all over but still finding myself incredibly busy. Plus the other interest as well!!!
Out again tonight so IACGMOOH final I won't see but I can't really believe that "it might be Biggins" Jeez what has the world got to!!
Woo TGIF hey! Have a good one!

Mau said...

2 whole years... when I think about it, I first stumbled across the story over a year ago and I still remember the first part I read and commented on. It was... pretty hot actually ;)

Huge congratulations to you Trée, it looks like you've touched a lot of lives with your characters and their tales.

Love and best wishes to you and to Autumn XX

P.S all the text is in Thai for some reason, so I hope this works!

Autumn Storm said...

This past year of The Story has gone especially fast, largely I do believe due to time having moved at a much slower pace for the crew. :-) Even so, two years is a great length of time and it is as strong as ever, thank goodness since this means there's a good chance we'll be toasting to 3 and 4 and...:-)

Thanks, Amber, love to you both too and a happy weekend, xoxo

Autumn Storm said...

:-D Biggins isn't so bad, his infectious laugh wins him a great many points and since I don't really know all that much about him otherwise, that's good enough for me. I may have to watch it with M tonight, since it is the final, but mostly because vegging out is something I wouldn't mind a bit of tonight. ;-)
Have a GREAT Friday night, Simon!!

EBEZP said...

Happy Weekend Autumn!

So Biggins wins!! Hope you and M enjoyed it but more so the much needed vegging. Bet you'll be glad of this weekend hey?

Autumn Storm said...

Back attcha, Simon!
Thanks. :-)

Oh my gosh, tonight was just horrible, I hid under a blanket through most of it, especially the cockroaches. Just for today's performance, both of them deserved to win, and bless him, he is part of what looks an incredibly sweet couple.
Have a good one!!

Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday morning December 1st to you, Autumn Storm ! How are you doing ? Hope that you are having an enjoyable weekend :)

Autumn Storm said...

Just got back from braving the Christmas shoppers after taking my daughter to watch Fred Claus, so it was a Saturday of crowds and tears at the happy families through the snow globe. In short, yes thank you. :-) Hope you're weekend is off to a great start too!!

Oliviah said...

I remember this painting of Papa...still love it. Those eyes are amazing. :-)

Autumn Storm said...

The look of Papa. :-) Love this portrait too. Hugs to you, Oliviah, hope you're having a good week, x